18 October 2011

Grace #2: Baltimore Food Trucks

Today my work felt unrelenting. My head began to ache from close reading of two manuscripts and a student's thesis. I bolted from the 12th floor to the cool outside. The food trucks lined up along the hospital plaza. I ordered California fish tacos, intending to eat at my desk, but the sun warmed my back so I sat on the brick wall to eat, along with a dozen others, and arrived late for my meeting. Peace...


  1. Good for you. I don't even like fish but I'm willing to say that a fish taco eaten in the sun is worth 100 late meetings.

  2. Cathy, if that was a poster or bumper sticker, I think I'd stick it in a pile o'places.

    Linda . . . Peace finds you, for your spirit, even when frenzied is always open.

    ~ fellow sun appreciator
    ~ Absolutely*Kate


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