31 March 2012


Felt a little sad.
So we threw the kids in the car and went out for a proper dinner.
Calamari, bangbang shrimp tacos, salmon, arctic char, and coconut custard pie. Oh my.
And one of these delectable martinis.

A pleasant evening with the best possible company. Peace...

30 March 2012

29 March 2012

Bluster and Blossoms

The wind came from the east this morning, scattering pear and cherry and plum blossoms, a spring storm.


28 March 2012

A little wine will do ya

as will a little whine.

sometimes the best medicine is dinner and drinks out with a friend or three.


27 March 2012

Singing in the fog

Walking down the foggy street towards my office, a baritone singing Old Man River, louder than the clatter of the market, the whine of traffic. I never saw that man singing, but the tune played over and over in my head all day, and made me smile.


26 March 2012

Too Much

Mondays feel too much. Too much to write, to think, too many emails logpiled in the inbox, too many students with too many questions. No other day feels too much, only Monday. Why?


24 March 2012

Rain, rain

Your sweet patter lulls me to sleep, makes me dream sweet.


23 March 2012

Early Spring

The first asparagus poked through sometime between yesterday afternoon, and this. Usually my favorite vegetable makes its first appearance the last week in March. We shall be in our dinner glory in 5 days.


22 March 2012

Big Umbrella

I like to think of my purpose in life as holding an umbrella, tall and wide enough to include most every person, every thing, every viewpoint.


21 March 2012

Hump Day

Heading home, the middle of week done. Enuf.


20 March 2012

Harbingers of Spring


Rhubarb bushing out.

Robins pecking at the ground for grubs.

Cotton sweaters.

Stuffy noses, itchy eyes.

Strangers who smile.

First burgers on the grill.



19 March 2012

Just What I Needed

That small wedge of fudgy brownie... just what I needed this afternoon. Thank you to whoever made such deliciousness and left them in the kitchen for all to enjoy.


18 March 2012

Morning Ghost

This morning fog enveloped the neighborhood, a thick soupy white that veneered my skin on my morning walk. Birds called from trees I could not see, and it seemed they were calling for lost friends. The corner streetlight appeared from the white, an ancient lantern, a ship lost at sea.


17 March 2012


I find it funny that today is commomerated by all things green and the drinking of beer when, in fact, Saint Patrick drove snakes from the island of Ireland. It still is not clear whether the snakes were the literal animals, or the pagans that had occupied Ireland before Christianity.

At any rate, a day to remember my Irish roots, as well as drink Irish pear cider with friends. Peace...

16 March 2012


There is something pleasurable in the ardor of digging holes in the garden. Peace...

15 March 2012

Ides of March

Today is the birthday of Benjamin Michael Taylor, one of my dearest characters. At least, this is his fictive birthday; the Ides of March are so fraught with tragedy, as is much of Ben's life. I created him on January 2, 2006, but he had been present in my mind for some months before.

Today he is 32. So young. I wonder if he is still living in New Hampshire? I wonder if he is still alive? Peace...

14 March 2012

So Far So Good

Today is over. Now, another wait, though the first test looks very good. Peace...

13 March 2012


One more day. Tomorrow I have some medical tests, the possible results of which make me rather anxious. It is the waiting, though, that makes me panicky, the not knowing.


12 March 2012

Crocus in the Sidewalk

On the way to work, in between the emptied Vodka bottle and the spent condom, a small wee crocus wedged its way through a crack in the asphalt.

I wished I had my camera with me.


11 March 2012

Spring = Sore Tushy

And arms and legs and shoulders and thighs.

I had an appointment with a personal trainer/physical therapist. He made me do 30 squats with weights. A variety of upper-body exercises, with weights. He pushed on the base of my spine and found out the left side of my pelvis is 1/3 inch higher than the right, so he yanked on my left leg while I coughed and voila! My lower back pain almost disappeared.

I may not be ready for bikini season, but at least I will be able to fit into last year's granny suit.


10 March 2012

Spring = Yardsales

Which means the house empties of husband and children early. An hour of quiet before class. Bliss.


09 March 2012

Yoga Is My Saviour

Being in the space, in the quiet, focusing on the breath and making it slow. down. reminds me to not let life carry me away in a tumult of worry.

Writing is my other Worry-wort Anonymous crutch. Of course.

How do you let go of anxiety?


08 March 2012

The Doc is In

I often find myself frustrated by the health care system: the costs of the service, the costs of the time waiting for those services, the inability to get access when needed. But today, when I required an appointment much sooner than later, a new office found time for me this morning, examined me with courtesy and respect, and provided the follow-up care I will need.

I remain anxious about this new medical malady, but at least I have confidence in the providers who will care for me.

A well-run medical office is worth more than all the health care reforms imaginable. Fix inefficiency, rudeness, and service, and satisfaction with our health care would rise exponentially.


07 March 2012

Hump Day

The best part of this day is that it is over.

And that is enough.


06 March 2012

A glass of wine,
a shared meal--
the power in these
are their power to heal.

I went out with a few colleagues last night after work. We tend to be a stuffy bunch, wrapped up in our insecurities, not trusting the other. But wine loosened the tongue: we learned a bit about each other, we relaxed, we laughed when the bathroom stall door locked one of us in (I won't say who).

It was a nice night. Maybe wine drinking should be required for all workers, everywhere. Peace...

05 March 2012

Mind the Gap

It has been a week since I posted at this blog, and for this I apologize. Blogger acted up, blocking me for a few days. Then, I got sick with a nasty cold and barely found enough oomph for waking up. So rather than try to make up the last 7 posts, I'll make a clean start now.

I hope the past week kept you well.