31 March 2012


Felt a little sad.
So we threw the kids in the car and went out for a proper dinner.
Calamari, bangbang shrimp tacos, salmon, arctic char, and coconut custard pie. Oh my.
And one of these delectable martinis.

A pleasant evening with the best possible company. Peace...


  1. Sounds absolutely perfect. Sorry you were feeling sad. I felt a lot that way myself today but, alas, with no martinis.

  2. A good solution to the "felt a bit sad" - As it turns out, my March 31st was also spent out in the best of company.

    No martinis, but great goodness nonetheless.

  3. There is a bit of sadness these days. Maybe it's the lingering between winter and spring. Maybe it's just life. It was fun to splurge with my family, we do not treat ourselves enough. Peace...


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