16 December 2011

Grace #61: It Pays to Look at the Ground

Today I found a ten dollar bill in Target. Three people stepped over it but didn't see it -- one woman was yacking on her cell phone, another walked quickly with a frown on her face, the third, a young man, was lost in his world of earbudded music.

I have found many things looking at the ground: $67 in a drugstore twenty years ago; another $10 lying in front of a postbox on a frosty Boston New Year's eve and, as a poor graduate student getting ready to take my comprehensive exams, I had no money and no plans, but the found money at least bought me a nice French pastry and a cheap bottle of wine; a diamond tennis bracelet; a diamond ring; several wallets, all returned (one from a recent Russian emigre, an older woman so grateful she baked twelve layer cakes and gave me bags of bright-foiled Russian chocolates, all for $2 and her Medicaid card); a monthly subway pass.

What do you find when you pay attention? Peace...

1 comment:

  1. I find all manner of good things but, alas, no diamond rings or layer cake accompanied wallets.


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