14 April 2012


After the wolves killed the sheep, then the children
I fled the backcountry; without cricket and tree frog song,
the silence grew too deep.

I packed light: food for a lifetime, clothes and boots,
all the guns, a photo of my love, sewn into the pocket
over my heart, the audio of our poetry...

The first two stanzas of a doomsday poem. Feeling prose-y today. Peace...

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh, that's pretty nice Linda. Reminds me of something I wrote in that pesky so-called novel I'm working on. The heroine disappears, "packing light."
    The spring peepers are singing their hearts out tonight as I write this. I have the window open so I can fully enjoy their songs. Can't imagine life without the music of crickets or tree frogs.


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