29 November 2011

Grace #44: A Good Day Is...

When traffic flows away from you.

When you see no body bags or feral dogs on the way to work.

When you teach and it all makes sense to you.

When it only rains while you are inside.

When your student shows her fortitude and powers through what needs to be done--with grace.

When you have enough soup to share.

When class ennervates you so much you can't fall asleep, your head is so full of ideas.

All these happened to me this day--what good happened to you?



  1. Yesterday was a pretty good day in my neck of the woods, too.
    I didn't see any body bags either but, thankfully, I never have.
    I bought a chocolate fudge cake for my colleague's 30th birthday (what a grand age, 30) and I didn't have a piece, not even a smidgeon, unless you count the ferocious finger licking I did after placing the candles. He was surprised and pleased. We finished putting the newspaper to bed early, for the first time ever. The editor was tired and grumpy and called us a flock of "nattering hens" bothering him while he was trying to write his editorial. I shot back with, "Maybe the rooster should have written his editorial before deadline." And he had the good grace to laugh. Then all us "hens" put pictures of chickens as our chat icons, and laughed like the hens we truly are. Laughing at work, when the pressure is most intense, is always a blessing. The freezing rain that was supposed to materialize never did. I came home and was greeted with a warm hug from my husband and a compliment on the blouse I was wearing. We cooked a healthy dinner together in front of the TV, then I disappeared into the bedroom with my laptop and wrote the final words necessary to finish NaNo. When I was done, instead of champagne and cake, Dave massaged my back; I drooled on the pillow (his pillow, sorry), then fell hard into a deep, dreamless sleep.
    The whole day was grace, from start to finish.
    Thanks for asking.

  2. Ah, I can see Nano still flows through your veins, Cathy!

    Sounds like you also had a super day -- here's to many more! Peace...


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