12 July 2012

7/100: Joy

Baltimore feels 10 degrees warmer than my home on the outskirts. All that asphalt, the tall buildings of glass reflecting sun and heat, the lack of shaded green.

But Baltimore has coffee shops, and nothing beats summer's swelter better than iced coffee.

Today, I went to my regular Starbuck's and ordered a venti iced with milk, unsweetened. The cashier waved her hand when I presented my gold card.

"On the house," she says. "Rather, on the anonymous customer who paid for your coffee."

Turns out the gentleman who produces the Grand Prix in our city drops a hundred when he visits this particular Starbucks. Thank you sir, whoever you are--you made my day, mine and quite a few others who received complimentary drinks. Peace...


  1. how generous of him

    kindness is so refreshing

  2. NICE. And boyohboys does that picture make me want one right now! Stay cool, Linda!


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