28 January 2012

Into This Good Day

The espresso machine
wakes up louder than me;
with a shudder, the boiler
warms water, steam pops
the filter, a low-pitched whine,
and coffee streams with a hiss
into waiting white cups.

Work finished,
the lights blink off
into daytime slumber.



  1. OK, all I can say is, YOU'VE GOT AN ESPRESSO MACHINE???
    (Lovely, truly... and I'm not a bit jealous...)

  2. Mmm, now that's a good start (and I love those first two lines)

  3. Every now and then we should treat ourselves to something special. I have wanted a real espresso maching for over a decade. I purchased this machine (Saeco Via Venezia) for myself over Christmas. I am still learning it, but my morning Americano (two shots LaVazza espresso + 2 shots steamed water, 1 Splenda, and a dash of fat-free half-n-half) -- delicioso. Peace...


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